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Executive Board Members

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Right to left:

Melany “Mel” Botterbusch Goodall ’84Treasurer

Missy Kaler '85


Jacquelyn Girard Lally ’96

Tammy Newman Pellicer, '91

Vice President


Jerry Jenkins '83







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To promote and advance the interest of Alumni of the Association and the quality of education for the students of Florida  School for the Deaf.
Our goal is to help all deaf/hard of hearing alumni who attended or graduated from the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB) stay in touch with their classmates and friends, share the latest news from FSDB, and stay connected with FSDB through alumni involvement and support.  

Alumni-related announcements, news and events updates will be shared as these arise. We hope you find our online resources to be useful and that these help you stay connected with one another and with FSDB.

FSDB Homecoming Day, Saturday Sept. 10, 2022


9 – 11am                  FSDB Museum at Alumni Hall.  

10:30-1pm               FSDAA General Meeting at Knowles Hall- Doors open at 10:30 am

1pm – 4pm              FSDAA Hall of Fame Luncheon Ceremony at Knowles Hall  Doors open at 12:30 pm

                                 (See below about Hall of Fame)

2 to 5 pm                 FSDB Museum at Knowles Hall (hours revised)

6 pm                        Football game:  FSDB vs Maryland at Usina Field $5 admission


First Annual Hall of Fame Ceremony 1:30 to 4pm

Luncheon at Knowles Hall, $20 at door

FSDB staff are welcome


Hall of Fame Ceremony Livestreaming:

It will also be streamed on the FSDB Facebook page and FSDB YouTube channel.


List of the FSDAA Hall of Fame Inductees

Lewis Bryant ‘62 - Sports

Steve Buck ‘65 - Sports

Hazel Crichlow - Education & Sports

Roy DeMotte ‘63 - Sports

Bob Graham ‘44 - Sports

Curtis Harris ‘62 - Sports

Jackie Johnson - Sports & Education

Samuel King ‘65 - Sports

James Leek ‘66 - Sports

James Magness - Sports & Education

Stanley Mals ‘66 – Sports

Rochelle McGee ‘57 - Sports

Bruce Ostrout ‘66 - Sports

Sam Pert ‘57 - Sports

Kenneth Renfroe E-‘66 – Sports

Alan Tate ’66 – Sports and Arts

Gwendolyn Thomas ‘64 - Sports

Odie W. Underhill - Sports, Education, Community (leader)

Andy von Dolteren ‘66 - Sports

Henry “Hank” White - Sports & Education.

Tommy C. Williams ‘62 - Sports

Edward Wright ‘64 – Sports.


Need volunteers for Museum and FSDAA events

FSDB Museum 9 to 11 am and 2 to 5 pm, contact:  BP Murphy

FSDAA Hall of Fame Ceremony, 12 to 4 pm:  contact Mel Goodall



 See you there, Go Dragons!!!


My name Mel Goodall, I am the FSDAA treasurer. I wanted to remind everyone we will be having our FSDAA General Meeting on September 10th, in Knowles Hall at 11 am.  Please come early, registration starts at 10:30 am.  Please share this Vlog to your classmates.  We need everyone’s support, the survival of FSDAA depends on it.  

We also need to raise more funds for our Senior Scholarship.  FSDAA recognizes two seniors during the May graduation  Our goal is to give out at least two $500 Scholarships to Seniors who have met most of the criteria that we have established.  Currently that fund is really low, we have paid three scholars this year.  Which we are thrilled that they have claimed their scholarship monies and are in college pursuing their dreams.  We would love to continue to do that for our Seniors.  In order to do this we need you to spread the word and help us raise our funds.

Spread the word to everyone you know who are alumni of FSDB, this does not mean they must be a graduate of FSD, they could have attend to our school then left or a graduated from FSDB, either way they are still an alumni of our school. Membership fees start at $20 for single and $30 for couples.  

I also want to remind you that we will have our first Hall of Fame Luncheon.  HOF committee will be recognizing 10 inductees on Saturday.  It will start around 1 pm, after our meeting. Entrance at the door will be $20 per person.  

Please check out our website,, or our Facebook page.  Please feel free to contact me at 904-201-4656 if you have any questions, and I hope all of you enjoy your labor day tomorrow.

Mel Goodall
FSDAA Treasurer 84’

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FSDAA Treasurer

Mon, Jul 11, 10:26 PM (5 days ago)



Mel Goodall FSDAA treasurer in video: Black background with black shirt with FSDB logo, silver and black watch, with grey hair, and green glasses.


Hello everyone,


I am sending this email to past members and current members, I hope this email finds you all doing well.  I know it has been a little over a year since you all have heard from me.  Since COVID hit we have not been able to have our General meeting in person.  FSDB is opening campus this year and we will be able to have our meeting this year.  We are thrilled.  We have a lot of work ahead, we do need to work on raising our funds for the senior scholarship fund and increase our membership numbers again.  In order for our organization to continue to function we need to grow and have the means to stay active.  Due to COVID our numbers have dropped.  Our organization is a non-profit organization and we do have our 501 3c endorsement.  Please help us support our school. We alumnus need to stay strong and support our school.  


I have included our membership form in this email. Please join us to keep our Alumni organization running, you have become a member or make a donation to support our cause.  You can complete this form and mail your  payment with a check or money order.  If you would like to pay electronically please email me at, please include your text phone number in the email.   I can send you an invoice and you can pay with your debit card or credit card. 


Just to let everyone know we will be having our Homecoming game on September 10th.  We are playing against Maryland School for the Deaf at 6 pm.  We are so looking forward to seeing our boys play.  FSDAA’s General meeting will start  at 11 am in Knowles hall and we will have some light refreshments. Also,  Hall of Fame will be having their first celebration presenting awards to honor several people after our meeting.   Please check out our FB page and our website as well.  Several Blogs have been posted. 



Please spread the word, send this email out to your FSD alumni class and people that you know who will support our school.  Thank you for your support. 




Mel Goodall

FSDAA Treasurer 84’

Download Nomination form print you can fill out then be sure email to
                      click blue word form

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